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Updated: March 23, 2007

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Type 45 amplifiers are not in production at this time

-Amps To Go-

2A3 Amplifiers

-2A3 Basic-
The "economy model"
The 2A3 ClassicBasic model employs one of the simplest and most basic amplification
circuits in audio...one driver tube feeding one output tube.
The 6N1P triode input/driver in SRPP mode and capacitor coupled to a single 2A3 output tube,
in single ended configuration
... it doesn't get much simpler.

Celebrating the "SE sound", the Basic delivers a warmth to a singers voice, allowing the
sensation of the performer standing right in front of you. More music, less hi-fi.

Read the 2A3 Classic review from TNT Audio

The Basic is handcrafted and hardwired. Based loosely on
mechanical design of the mid 1950's, each unit receives a distinctive dark
gray marbleized finish (a bit difficult to photograph properly) and then a clear overcoat.

Your amplifier will not look like anyone else's, or any other brand on the market
...we like to dress a bit different.
(Supplied with tubes).

(Cash price- $630.50)
-Shipping starts at $25.00-

-supplied with 4 & 8 ohm taps
and Sovtek 2A3's.

1- 2A3 Basic in stock.

-2A3 Basic Special-
Supplied with James 6113HS output transformers and RelCap TFT capacitors.
Crisper reproduction with a little less warmth than units equipped with our standard output transformer.
If you perfer more detailing, or have warm sounding speakers this unit would be the one for you.
4 & 8 ohm ouput taps
(Cash price- $921.50)
-Shipping starts at $27.50-

1- 2A3 Special in stock.

All 2A3 units produce
3.0 watts @ 5% thd (actually less distortion, we like the old RCA rating).

All units 115-120vac/60Hz only
1 year parts warranty, supplied tubes
have a 6 month warranty.

Call 610-432-5732 for further information.

-Since 1992-